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Owner- Bloe Joe Phone- ‭‭(425) 677-6947‬‬

2012 Techno Viking Electric truck mount.

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Location- Seattle, WA
Owner- Bloe Joe Phone- ‭‭(425) 677-6947‬‬
Asking Price- $4.00 Condition- Excellent
Hours- 357
Included Equipment.- Comes with carpet cleaning wand hoses a waste tank Upholstery tool Hydroforce sprayer
Additional Information- Many videos on YouTube Google: techno Viking electric truck mount very very powerful machine 500 psi pump tremendous suction This machine has a small carbon footprint it's great for tree hugging customers who want the environmentally friendly option and the power of the cleaning will blow you away

2013 Terry Brevik's Techno Viking Look at YouTube videos

Miles- 0 Condition-
Color- Length- NA