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Owner- Tavarez Miguel Phone- (702) 738-0172

1991 Bruin II Mecca Supply

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Location- Las Vegas, NV
Owner- Tavarez Miguel Phone- (702) 738-0172
Asking Price- $9,500.00 Condition- Excellent
Hours- 2405
Included Equipment.- Warranty: 1 Year Unit:Ready or not, the Prochem Bruin II (Refurbished) is the perfect Truckmount Carpet Extractor; Combining a Kubota, 3 Cylinder 31hp, Water Cooled Power plant with a Sutorbilt 4ML blower Carrying 270 CFM @ 14” Hg, 1000 PSI CAT Pump design and a state-of-the-art heat exchanger system in this Dual-wand workhorse, Adjustable heat feature allows you
Additional Information- Refurbished 1 year warranty Brand new Refurbished Engine and Pressure Pump 1. $11.000 for machine, waste tank and carpet wand, + 2. $4,500.00 for van + add 3.$2,000.00 for Install, Chemical shelf (New) 250 hose reel & Solution Hose Reel (Used) 250 foot of Vacuum and Solution Hose Reel (New) Hydro-Well 100 Gallon Fresh Water Tank (Used) with Aquatec 12 Volt, 4.2 GPM 50 PSI Tranfer Pump (New) (Save $1,000.00 for purchasing all 3)

Van Not Included

Miles- 0 Condition- Good
Color- Length- Regular